Let's work together to create a good climate on internet and social media for our children and youth.

Cyberbullying means that someone is treated badly by one or more persons, through social media, text messages, email or online gaming. It could be about several different occasions and kinds of degrading treatment, or that one degrading comment/photo/video has been shared and spread to many.

The online world is an integrated part of everyday life for both adults and children – an important tool for communication, learning and finding information.

It is also a place where harassments and degrading treatment can spread easily, quickly, and anonymously. In other aspects cyberbullying is not that different from bullying in for example schools and youth sports clubs.

The most important factor for preventing and stopping bullying, in-person and online, is that there are adults our children and youth trust and can talk to.

It’s easy to think that cyberbullying is mainly a problem among children and youth. But we adults are also harassing and treating others badly online.

We adults need to be role models. How we act, support and guide our children and youth to stay safe and treat others with respect also online, is crucial in the work against cyberbullying.

Life online also blurs the lines between school, sports clubs and free-time, and everyone needs to be involved in order for the bullying prevention work to be successful.

Together we can create a better climate online as well as IRL!

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