My Child is Bullying

To learn that your own child is bullying others is of course a difficult insight. As a parent you want the best for your child, which also means you have a responsibility to act if your child is treating someone badly. We have here summarized some tips for you:

Talk to your child about what is happening

Ask how your child is doing. Many children who are in this situation often feel very bad about their actions. Have the courage and patience to listen. Let your child tell with own words about the experiences and feelings about what has happened.

Talk to your child about how you together can change the situation

Emphasize that it is your, and other adults’ responsibility to take action and create conditions to ensure the situation in school is changed. Ask and look into what your child needs to change his/her role at the school.

Help changing a pattern

Your child is in a difficult situation and therefore it is important that you are helping your child to find positive activities/contexts also outside of school. It could for example be about getting engaged in new activities or spend time with other friends than those at school.

Encourage your child when the bullying has stopped

To really change and break a pattern of one’s own negative role is very difficult. When it happens, even if it is only small steps forward at a a time, it is important to acknowledge the change and encourage your child.