It Begins with Us Adults

It is the responsibility of adults to work for every child’s right to not be bullied – all adults, whether we are parents/guardians, work with children, or meet children in other contexts.

This work also need to be based on the children’s experiences and perceptions. Their involvement and influence is crucial in order to make the efforts and measures relevant and effective.

We adults also have to be role models. Children don’t do as we say, they do what we do. By being good role models we create a society that promotes openess and understanding for differences.  Are we good role models?

Examples of questions to reflect over:

How do I behave on social media? What do I post/share? What pictures or videos? How do I express myself? How do I comment on others posts?

How do I talk about other people when my child is around? Do I comment people on TV in a respectful way? How do I talk about people in general? For example, talking negatively about someone you might have a conflict with affects everyone around. (Instead, talk directly to the person you have a conflict with.)

How do I show moral courage in my everyday life? Do I actively take a stand and speak up or intervene in other ways when I hear or see something I feel is wrong? When you do, this can encourage and strengthen your child do to the same