Back to School Tips for Parents/Guardians

A new semester or school year can be fun and exciting for our kids. For many children it is instead a difficult time, worrying about bullying, not fitting in, not having friends, etc. We are here sharing some tips on how you can support your child.

Be Perceptive and Responsive

How does your child feel about starting school? Excited, nervous, or worried about something?

Ask questions about your child’s thoughts and feelings. What is your child thinking about? How does it feel to start school? Is your child excited about or looking forward to something in particular about going to school? Are there things your child is concerned about?

It is of utmost importance that you really listen, and take your child’s thoughts and feelings seriously.

Talk to the School

If you or your child have any questions, thoughts or concerns about the school before school start – contact the school!

Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and concerns. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. There are no stupid questions.

Be a Role Model

Children don’t do as we say, they do what we do.

How you talk about your child’s school, your child’s class, about the staff, about whether there is much or little homework, how you act on social media, etc – has a huge impact on your child’s attidude, behavior, and actions.

So be a role model, a positive role model. That is a winning concept for everyone.

Ask Questions and Be Curious

How is school? How does it feel? What did you learn today that you didn’t know when you woke up this morning?

Did you learn to know any new children in your class/school? (Tell me more..) Who did you play/hang with at recess? What did you do at recess/after lunch? Who did you have lunch with today?

What was the best thing that happened today? What was the worst thing that happened today? Be curious and present.

Cooperate with the School Staff

Remember that you as a parent/guardian and everyone working at the school have the same goal: For all children at the school to be safe, included and have the same chance to develop and thrive.

So make sure to take the chance to engage and participate in as many school activities and events as possible.

Think about and look into how you can contribute to a positive climate and culture at your child’s school and in your child’s class.


Situations, relations, and many things often change throughout the school year. So these tips can of course with advantage be part of a continuous approach, not only at school start.