Sponsors & Partners

Sponsors and partners play a key role in our efforts to eliminate bullying in youth sports clubs, schools, and other organisations. We achieve success through the relationships with extraordinary partners. Contact us if you or your organization want to join us and make a difference in the lives of our children and youth. Together we make a change!


“At Brownstein we are committed to fostering a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment and are proud to support Together for Change in its efforts to create a society without bullying where children can feel safe.”


“Bullying comes in so many forms, some so subtle it is difficult to detect but bullying in any form has no place in our society and the game we love.  CAHA is proud to partner with Together for Change to work towards the common goal of raising awareness and eliminating bullying.”


“It’s important to take a stand against bullying in all forms, especially in schools and youth sports. Enavate is proud to partner with Together for Change to provide ongoing support for their youth-centered, anti-bullying mission to prevent bullying, harassment and acts of intimidation against children and youth.”


“This organization is really doing the hard work of shifting the cultural narrative around the bullying of our youth. Hestra is so proud to support this work and to advocate for more educational efforts in this realm.”


“Icelandair is proud to support Together for Change and their mission to increase awareness around bullying. With our partnership, we hope to make it easier to collaborate with organizations around the world – fostering personal connections, which is so important.”


“All children have the right to feel loved, respected and seen. They have the right to feel safe and happy. Children are our future, and the kind of environment they grow up in has a huge impact on the adult they will become. Osprey Marketing strongly believes in the approach Together for Change uses in their fight against bullying, and is looking forward to a long-term partnership.”