Our ambassador Gabriel Landeskog stands behind us and helps share our cause and mission. We deeply appreciate all that he does, and are proud to work together with such an amazing person and role model to stop and prevent bullying.

Gabriel Landeskog

“I’m proud to support what Friends stands for. Any effort that helps make young lives happier is worth the work. I look forward to helping Friends start a global movement to inspire people to take a stand for respect and diversity.”

Gabriel Landeskog, the captain of the Colorado Avalanche, was engaged in Friends already as a young student in Sweden, and became an ambassador for Friends in October of 2014. He is strongly engaged in promoting a safe, kind and inclusive environment within youth sports.

We are immensely proud and thankful for Gabe’s passionate and personal engagement in promoting a safe, kind and inclusive environment for children and youth.

As our ambassador, Gabe is for example participating in speaking engagements, spreading knowledge about our bullying prevention work through social media, engaging in fundraising through signing events, as well as online campaigns, silent auctions, etc. He also hosts our exclusive annual Landy’s Friends Sponsor & Partner appreciation night at Pepsi Center.

“Before a game it is just as important to talk about the way we treat each other within the team, as it is to talk about what type of power play we’re going to use”, says Gabriel Landeskog.