Many need to be engaged in the fight against bullying! Therefore we are very happy to be able to work with our ambassador Gabriel Landeskog, Captain of the Colorado Avalanche.

Gabriel Landeskog

“I’m proud to support what Friends stands for. Any effort that helps make young lives happier is worth the work. I look forward to helping Friends start a global movement to inspire people to take a stand for respect and diversity.”

Gabriel Landeskog is the captain of the Colorado Avalanche, and one of the most prominent Swedish ice hockey players. Gabriel became an ambassador for Friends in October of 2014, and focuses his efforts on promoting a safe, secure and comfortable environment within youth sports. His work as a Friends ambassador in Sweden, and in Colorado, include appearances, camps, videos and other work to support anti-bullying efforts.

Before a game it is just as important to talk about the way we treat each other within the team, as it is to talk about what type of power play we’re going to use, says Gabriel Landeskog.